About us

Euro Led® is about people.

This is the principle we have been following from the very start of our business. We are a diverse team of people with different passions, interests, views, and experience. However, one thing brings us together: maximum professionalism.

We learn from each other, from our partners, customers and are fully involved in and meticulous about delivering comprehensive LED lighting solutions.

We understand that our customers demand more from us, therefore the Euro Led® philosophy is all about tailored solutions, starting from the design and product consulting, through to the optimization of time and cost in logistics.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Our history

Like many great enterprises, Euro Led® was founded on a chance encounter between Kuba i Michał.

This allowed to bring together a dozen years of experience in banking and management and the youthful enthusiasm and knowledge of the Asian markets.

A quick coffee led to a lunch, and this, in turn, resulted in the first test import of a LED strip pallet – we had 1000 rolls of LED strips which took us over a year to sell.

This was a challenging year, at times filled with worry and doubt.
During that time, we had to do all the jobs: warehouse operators, salesmen, phone operators – we spammed the email boxes of hundreds of companies, made thousands of phone calls, went to many meetings…and bought even more LED strips.

We were very determined but also lucky (the key things in business). To this day we remember carrying the boxes on the staircase of our office building and preparing the first dispatch to our customer, who is still with us today!

Since then, a lot of things have changed. We have introduced over 10 000 000 meters of LED strips into the market, we collaborate with over 250 companies, both foreign and domestic ones, we take part in numerous fairs and our team has grown to over a dozen people.

However, above all, we experience an excellent adventure, not only measurable by graphs and charts, but also by relationships and friends that we made. After all, Euro Led® is about people. It is about Us, Our Team and also You – our partners, who put their trust in us.

Our passions

The last thing we want to hear during an interview is: ”LED lights are my passion”.

NO! Professional life is very important and professionalism is the key factor. However, we hope that what really shapes a person and leads to fulfillment and excellent job performance are our passions, therefore we are proud to support:

    2. KARATE


We support, but also take active part in contests, events and trainings!

Our team

Euro Led® is about people – this is our motto. We create a great team, full of individuals in which experience and a conservative approach to management often clash with youthful enthusiasm and freshness – there’s one thing we have in common: absolute professionalism.


We cannot forget about you – our partners, suppliers, customers, our friends – thanks to your trust we can carry on with our adventure, which is the development of the EuroLed brand.

Michał Witczak – CEO


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Kuba Szukalski – managing director


+48 608 512 393

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Anna Szukalska – QA department


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Kasia Nowakowska – Head of Commercial Department


+48 513 919 161

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Maja Puchała – Administrative and commercial specialist


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Mateusz Wójcik – Investment Department


+48 533 811 602

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Tomasz Adamczyk – Sales representative


+48 503 092 408

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Dawid Stachowiak – Sales representative


+48 795 808 300

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Marcin Szymański – warehouse manager


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