Our own laboratory

Euro Led® uses its own, modern testing laboratory.

As a direct importer of LED strips, we possess all the necessary specialized equipment to take measurements and evaluate the light sources, including LEDs and OLEDs as well as other visible light sources. This provides us with very accurate information regarding the spectra and color coordinates. Not only are we able to carry out measurements for the photometrics and colorimetry, but also we are able to measure light pulsation.

We work using modern and cutting edge equipment; in this way we are able to obtain accurate spectral data as well as color coordinates:

  • • Luks – lighting intensity
  • • Lumen – luminous flux
  • • CRI – color rendering index compliant with the CIE
  • • CCT – color temperature compliant with the CIE standard
  • • Watt – radiant energy
  • and many more.

Quality is our Priority

All strip types we import are thoroughly tested.

Our main goal is to maintain the correct parameters and guarantee constant, high quality of our goods, at the same time ensuring customer satisfaction.

As a company, we are confident about the high quality of our products and our customers are already familiar with the Euro Led® brand and appreciate its quality and attractive price. We want our new customers to learn about this too.