At Euro Led® we understand that the key part of logistics is the optimization of time and expenses.

Therefore, we create customized solutions, we like to refer to them as “tailored” for maximizing your sales potential.

Our partnership model is a reliable and more cost-efficient alternative for your own import efforts – check Euro Led® vs. China

CHINA Euro Led®
20-30 % – the value of the deposit submitted to the factory/agents none
4-5 weeks – production time after submitting the deposit
1-2 weeks’ time between finishing the production process and loading
4 tygodnie – sailing
1 week for customs and delivery Total delivery time 12 weeks
Individual warehouse stock – delivery in up to 2 days
Customs duty paid or exempt none
Transport cost: approx. 5% of the goods’ value free delivery
Exchange rate risk no exchange rate risk
Total delivery time and freezing of capital: approx. 3 months Bank transfer up to 90 days
Quality control: on spot in China Ratio of complaints less than 1%
complaint processing: up to 5 days
Warranty: on spot in China Warranty from 2 to 5 years
Responsible entity: Factory in China Euro Led