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Complementary offer

Since the start of our business operations at EuroLed, we have had a singular goal in mind – to become the market leader for LED strips.

To this end, we constantly expand our product offer – it currently includes proven power supply units, controllers, couplings and all other accessories allowing for the delivery of even the most complex investment projects.


Tailored logistics

EuroLed creates tailor-made logistic solutions with one goal in mind – to maximize your sales potential.

Starting from the possibility to quickly deliver custom orders, through the transport network going by sea and air, to maintaining the required stock levels, we take care to ensure full availability of our products so that our partners are able to keep calm and confident about meeting their sales targets.


Quality & Innovation

At EuroLed, we like to refer to ourselves as: „the LED strip specialists”; however, in order to fully earn this title, we had to become intimately acquainted with all the technical aspects related to the manufacturing process.

In time, we established our own QA Department working on the instrumentation provided by our partners from GL Optics; they make sure that every batch of goods labeled with the EuroLed brand delivers the same, repeatable and high quality.

We are not the ones to shy away from a challenge, on the contrary – we design custom LED strips to achieve the desired efficiency, lighting result and accurate color control.